Friday, September 28, 2012

Factor global economy into major

Friday, September 28, 2012

My role as a college admissions consultant has increasingly become that of a career adviser, as students have become aware it is not just where they study but what they study that prepares them for success.

The global economy and shifting of our manufacturing base overseas means being smart and ambitious is not enough anymore, especially if you grew up in one of the older industrial areas of the country, such as Northwest Indiana.

First-generation college students from blue-collar families are especially vulnerable because they have limited chances to learn about professional careers outside their communities. Often lacking is access to professional advice and information that can help them link their educations to careers.

If the global economy is affected it is similar to a domino effect. Budgets dry up and infrastructure crumbles, university enrollment rates double. The quality of education globally is damaged.

High school seniors are applying to colleges more than ever before. Top-tier colleges are also rejecting more applicants more than ever before, leaving disappointed students and parents questioning “why?" What could I have done differently?”, “Did I miss something?”

Before you get into that position contact a college consultant that know what colleges expect. Your chances are high with the right preparations when applying to the college of your choice.

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