Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Career goals count on application and essays.

You will need to sell yourself in your application and essays. Have clearly stated career goals, because the nation’s top colleges are now bringing in career-services staff to evaluate candidates for admission.

The college admission essay requires a relaxed state of mind and time to think. Brainstorm the direction you wish to take when evaluating your essays topic. Gerald Bradshaw America's top college consultant addresses how important a clear career goal mention in the college essay can be to an admissions committee.

Dear Mr. Bradshaw -- I am a junior in high school and I know I will face a very competitive class of applicants when I apply to college next fall.

I have a 4.125/4.250 GPA and a 2250 SAT score. I participate in a number of extracurricular activities including football and wrestling, and I am the editor of our school’s literary magazine.

There are 500 students in my class and most of the students who are in the top 5 percent have similar achievements. I am applying to most of the Ivies, Stanford and Berkeley. Is there anything I should know that will enhance my chances of getting into a top college?

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