Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Four classes that enhance any field of study

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Bradshaw —  I am an early admit to the University of Chicago, but I want to be sure and take classes as a freshmen and sophomore that will help me, no matter what my future course of study is (choosing a major).

Since I have not chosen a major, what classes would you suggest I take as a freshman and sophomore? — Undecided Major

Dear Undecided Major — You are wise to start thinking about your academic direction before signing up for classes in the fall.

Your course selection is serious business, and a decision should not be left until you arrive on campus.

Unlike high school, college offers a bewildering array of classes from which to choose, and the course catalog reads like an encyclopedia of world knowledge. Each class sounds exciting and interesting, and it is always tempting to dip into the cookie jar without thinking.

Although college is not all about preparing for a career, you cannot ignore the fact that at the end of four years, you will need to have learned something of substance and certain basic skills that will enhance your marketability, regardless of the field in which you work.

I have compiled a list of four classes I believe are must-haves on your college transcripts.  Read More


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